Список названий уже почивших альткойнов

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Список названий уже почивших альткойнов 

В основном, конечно, не очень оригинальные название и может и не удивительно, что они не поднялись :)
Даже выбрать что-то не могу, запосчу начало списка, а дальше смотрите по ссылке :) Интересно!

2chcoin was apparently a Russian clone of Quark, with a very fast block reward halving time. It was announced on Bitcointalk on 6 Jan 2014 by 'Rocketron' (a new user whose email/ID information is hidden) with a giveaway thread. On 9 January 'bazilko' announced a simple lottery game using 2chcoin. This game ran, apparently picking a winner every hour, for at least ten days. 2chcoin was picked up by at least 3 exchanges. As far as I can tell the developer never made any modifications to it whatsoever, and never communicated with anyone about it in English. I can't read the Russian threads, so it may look from the other side of the language barrier like the dev was more involved .
66coin (66)
66coin was launched Jan 26 2014 by 'menzo' (email/ID hidden). It was a scrypt coin with 66-second block time and a .000066 coin per block reward. Total coin supply was supposed to be 66 coins. It used a 'runway' launch, with the first 666 blocks worth 1/100 the nominal block reward (in order to let people get their mining settings sorted out before they started missing significant rewards). Launch went fairly smoothly, but there was a failure starting around 12 Feb when hashing power went up and most users couldn't get wallets to sync. 'pikimunga' took the initiative to rescue the coin starting on 17 February, first fixing the sync issue by getting people onto the same chain, then putting up a mining pool and organizing an effort to bribe exchanges to list the coin. Pikimunga apparently continued as a dev in partnership with menzo. There were a couple of hard forks but they seemed to go fairly smoothly. Despite these efforts, the price has declined to the point where the coin appears to be irrelevant.
Apparently a pure IPO scam. The scammer accepted BTC in payment for AeroCoins, and then disappeared with the BTC.
launched 20 Feb 2014, died 29 April 2014. Aircoin was launched by 'aircoin' (a new account with hidden ID/email) and featured a complicated scheme to adjust the block rewards in response to the exchange rate in order to target a gradually rising exchange rate. There were MANY things wrong with this cryptocurrency on launch, but people treated it as though it were serious. They never explained how the feedback from exchange rate to block reward was supposed to work; in fact it did not. Block reward adjustments were implemented by releasing a new version of the client and hard-forking rather than in an automatic way. The coin supply was theoretically limited to a billion coins. The reward halving time was supposed to be about once per five years, but that didn't make sense given the mining reward adjustments to target an exchange rate. Seriously, the math didn't work, and nobody called them on it! Also there was an initial premine of 2.5 million coins, and the 'nominal' block reward and block rate made that about 30 months worth of regular mining rewards - one of the larger premines I've ever seen, although when expressed as a percentage it was only 0.25%. Anyway, it was claimed that the mining rewards ought to last for something between 100 and 1000 years given the dynamic adjustments. The launch was botched, with source unavailable and the node server behind a NAT address where nobody else could get at it.
Alcohoin was a scrypt coin with a 30million coin total coin supply, 1-minute blocks and a 150-coin block reward. It was launched 21 Jan 2014 by 'Alcohoin', a newbie account with hidden id/email information. The 1% premine amounted to about 33 hours of block rewards at the nominal block rate. There was a giveaway for high scores at a drinking-themed flash game. The developer apparently abandoned the coin after selling the premine.
Launched January 9 2014. 30s blocks, 40-coin block award. 'Alien420' made the announcement, 'Hendo420' is a dev. Both accounts have ID hidden. Appears to be largely a clone of 42coin - in fact the initial client attempted to use the same RPC port so you couldn't have both at once. Launch announcement claimed there was a 1% premine and a 200M coin total money supply. On Jan 11, block explorer revealed a 200M coin premine and source code revealed a 400M coin total money supply. On Jan 12, the existing blockchain was abandoned and aliencoin was relaunched with a 2M coin premine and a 200M coin money supply.
Dead on arrival at an exchange March 15 2014 when its market capitalization was about $1000. Market cap briefly spiked to $2350 on Mar 19, and has been trending downward since except for a single anomalous trade.
Coingen was used to created something called 'americancoin' but this launched before coingen.io was registered so it may not be the same thing. The first 6500 blocks were mined before the cryptocurrency was announced. Also, the wallets of this litecoin clone kept trying to connect to the litecoin network, with the predictable results; the blockchain was in a perpetual state of fork.
created via coingen
created via coingen
Announced by 'apecoin' (a new account with hidden ID infomation) on bitcointalk on 18 December 2013 - apparently a couple of days after it was announced on Reddit. About 3 and a half days worth of coins were gone before the bitcointalk announcement happened, and it's not clear how many of these were a premine held by the developer. It was a scrypt coin with one minute blocks. The initial announcement claimed a 6.84B total coin supply and a 'sinusoidally decaying' block reward, though neither was implemented; the source code revealed an unlimited coin supply and a block reward of 10K coins per block. Ten days later there was a hard fork to implement these features. The coin was reannounced on March 14. The relaunch earned lots of praise posts from obvious sockpuppet accounts, which was kind of humorous.
created via coingen
created via coingen
Batcoin was released on Jan 6 2014. It had an anonymous developer (HUGE WARNING SIGN) and a 2% premine. Also the community took up a collection to bribe an exchange in order to get Batcoin traded. Its developer was anonymous so this information cannot be verified, but it is claimed that he was attacked during the night of April 3rd-4th in his home and hospitalized by an assailant intent on stealing the premined coins. If that's true, then clearly he was not anonymous to the assailant. If that's false, then he made a small but respectable profit on the premine. Either way, he dropped the development and support of Batcoin like a hot rock.
I remember this; a premine was used in an attempt to hold the price stable relative to the price of beer. It was created via Coingen.

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