ANN | MatrixCoin - a coin for matrix projects!

Мир форков (производных) основной криптовалюты биткойн. Анонсы новых форков биткойна, а также принципиально новых криптовалют. Обсуждение существующих. NMC, LTC, NVC, FTC, TRC, PPC, XPM и прочие собако-койны.
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ANN | MatrixCoin - a coin for matrix projects! 


MatrixCoin is an open digital crypto currency, which is based on the financial community.

It consists of partners of numerous long-term matrix projects and business companies.
We have our own numerous ecosystem of participants in matrix projects, business leaders, trainers, businesspersons and programmers.

MatrixСoin is a tool for interaction of all matrix projects in the global world network.
The purpose of creating a coin is to unite active people to fight poverty and develop individual capacity, and use block-technology to develop and gain financial benefits in the network.
The demand for a coin is created using matrix sites, where you can earn a coin and withdraw or reinvest to sites.
The user exchange of applications is designed for exchange between sites.
The uniqueness of the coin is that Matrix can be used in any matrix projects, as a tool for mutual settlements.
The information on all operations is stored at everyone on a purse - the distributed scheme.

Our community is focused on the creation of a decentralized financial platform connections with hundreds of matrix projects and the introduction of cryptocurrencies MatrixCoin as a tool for profit.

MatrixCoin crypto currency as a tool for making a profit.
Our ecosystem:
• It is based on numerous participants in matrix projects;
• Has its own MatrixCoin crypto currency for network calculations;
• Provides financial matrix participants with matrices, minimizes risks;
• Only well-proven matrix projects are selected on the platform for the popularization and expansion of the financial community Matrix;
• Communities of crypto-currency;
All parties benefit from participation in the MatrixCoin ecosystem:
• Participants in matrix projects can develop their projects on the network, minimizing their financial risks
• Developers of matrix projects will expand their client base

• Miners will have a profitable and secure way of using their computing systems

MatrixCoin Coin Technology
Release date: 01.10.2017
Name: MatrixCoin
Ticker: MATRIX  
Algo: Scrypt

Pow Reward per block: 50 MATRIX
PoW or PoS or Both: PoW
Max supply: 500.000.000
Premine: 300.000.000
Miners 200.000.000
RPC Port: 17892
P2P Port: 17890

Oficial Site:  Website is under construction
Site 2:
Windows wallet:
Linux wallet: ... rixcoin-qt

Email: Marketing
Email: Support

Official Matrixcoin Pool

Social Network

YouTube ... ownw0tascw




Yobit - Paid. Waiting....
C-CEX - Vote...
TredeSatoshi - Vote...

CoinMarketCup - Waiting
Coingecko - Waiting

Road Map
July 2017 1st release
• Development of a blockchain
• Wallet
• Creating a financial platform
August 2017
• Intuitive user toolbar
• Partner SDK
• Integration of matrix projects
September 2017
• Pilot testing of the blockchain, wallet
October 2017 official release
• Official release (start) The launch of the blockchain
• Exit to the stock exchange Crypto-currency
• Connection of payment systems for fiat money
November - December 2017
• Possible improvements and corrections
• Expansion of the network of matrix projects
• Expansion of the partner base
January - June 2018
• Increase in the number of crypto-currencies on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple platform
• Development of the exchange of crypto currency
The approximate date for the commencement of the sale of MatrixCoin tokens in October 2017.
24.10.2017 We have created a telegram chat. Link

06.11.2017 Congratulations all members of the community MatrixCoin on 6 November 2017 !!! We went to the stock exchange !!!
Link to trading on the exchange - Coinsmarkets :
30 ноя 2017, 01:13

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