Developer – Bitcoin Startup in Amsterdam

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Developer – Bitcoin Startup in Amsterdam 

А вот интересная вакансия в Амстердаме за биткойны :)

Job Description

We are looking for a reliable, creative, determined and smart mind who wants to directly and concretely be involved in the startup phase of our company. A person who can maintain, develop and expand our technology stack by taking responsibility of it at the same time.

We are not looking for a generic “coder” or “developer” to eventually accomplish mechanical tasks but we are looking for someone who, beyond “getting things done”, has the energies and the abilities to imagine, experiment and deploy new solutions; someone who likes to push further the limits of the existing technologies and interactions.

– Strong background in server-side development
– Solid fundamental programming skills
– Server admin – FrontEnd / BackEnd
– Node.js – Ember.js – Angular.js
– MongoDB
– PostgreSQL
– Python
– Apache / Nginx
– Bitcoin Protocol – Cryptography
– Focus on Security
– Active, proactive and reactive collaboration

– Experience working in a startup environment
– Experience building a development team
– Familiarity with mobile applications development
– Ripple/Stellar protocol familiarity
– Experience with order-matching engines
– HTML5 and CSS3
– Git source code management
– Ethereum-Aware
– Curious / Hacker / open-minded
– Financial / Trading experience is a plus!

What you will do (short-term):
– Finalize our already developed platform
– Deploy it on the production framework
– Test, tune, and manage the security audit of it
– Get things ready and stable

What you will do (mid-term):
– Build and coordinate our internal development team
– Maintain, expand and evolve our existing technologies
– Build and deploy the next components and features of our technologies
– Manage and represent the technical division of our company

What we are offering:
– A concrete front-line opportunity to be involved in a business that is thriving
– Full-Time permanent position in our staff
– Fresh, agile and awesome startup environment
– Flexible hours and comfortable working space in our head-offices in Amsterdam
– Competitive salary and benefits
– Top of the line tools and facilities
– Up to 2% Equity

– The position is in Amsterdam. You have to be in Amsterdam, near it, or to be willing to relocate there at your own expense.

Compensation:: Negotiable

Payable in:: Bitcoin (BTC)

About the Employer: We are a Startup based in Amsterdam (NL) looking for an experienced software developer with a strong background in the Blockchain technologies and in the crypto-ecosystem in general. We firmly believe that the Blockchain technologies are enabling a completely new, awesome and exciting universe of possibilities. Bitcoin and its derived techs are positively influencing the way we perceive the world and interact each-other, beyond revolutionizing and overturning the economic layers of our social ecosystems... and that’s only the beginning! Well funded but still in stealth-mode, we are building a solid platform to offer concrete solutions, tools and services for the next generation of financial interactions, trading systems and decentralized management of wealth, funds and assets. We are actively working into building the infrastructures to support, boost and integrate the Blockchain technologies and the digital assets management with the existing financial paradigm by offering a robust, secure and powerful set of professional solutions to our users.

How to Apply
- Send your resume (CV) and link to your profiles / projects / contributions
- A cover letter is appreciated
- Our email address is: info [AT]
18 фев 2015, 19:11

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