Back-end Developer Python/Django/Linux/etc в LocalBitcoins

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Back-end Developer Python/Django/Linux/etc в LocalBitcoins 

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We are looking for senior Python / Django developers.

LocalBitcoins is the leading global person-to-person Bitcoin exchange. We deal daily with unsolved problems when sailing to uncharted waters of cryptocurrency. This industry is still a baby and developing fast. You will face problems of hectic pace of the business. You will face problems caused by lack of processes. You will face problems of cybersecurity. You will have problems of users from two hundred different countries. You will face problems caused by problems you solved yesterday.

Our job is to collect those problems and solve them. As, otherwise somebody else would have done it already and we would not be in this business for long.

In the end of the day, you can light a cigarette if that's your cup of tea, walk out of the door and be proud that it was yet another day in one of the leading global businesses.

Minimum of three years working experience needed.
Please link all relevant profiles to your application (eg. github, stackoverflow, quora...)

We appreciate the following skills
Front-end (JavaScript / CSS)
Keyvalue stores
SQL databases
Linux infrastructure
Bitcoin protocol and bitcoin business knowledge
The scope of the company will probably broaden, so willingness to learn new tech is a plus otherwise as well.

Health insurance
A new MacBook computer, linux computer or iMac
The option of getting paid in Bitcoin
Work whenever you work best (flexible hours)
Flexible vacation - take time off when you need it
Work on a big idea that is changing the world
24 фев 2015, 12:00

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